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What is a Self-Timing Muzzle Brake?

Posted by Daniel Miller on Dec 20, 2018 3:59:01 PM


 In the last thirty years muzzle brakes have become very popular in the shooting community.  Muzzle brakes and compensators can be very helpful to the shooter both because of the great reduction in recoil and the ability to spot impacts or watch the bullet hit the target. For many years, installing a muzzle brake was a bit of a pain and sometimes a major headache.  Traditionally they had to be installed by a gunsmith, with him or her using shims, crush washers, or some other crass device.  But in 2011 that all changed when APA introduced the self-timing muzzle brake.

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What is the Best Muzzle Brake For a 22 Nosler? The Answer…

Posted by Daniel Miller on Nov 30, 2018 10:50:28 AM


In this article we are going to do a bit of a deep dive into why the APA Answer (Patent Pending) muzzle brake has the most advantages of any muzzle device on the Gas Gun market. APA has never been known for being the cheapest, however they are long regarded as a company that refines and refines and refines a little more, until the final product is a game changer. They have been referred to as the most copied people in the precision rifle market. The newest game changer that they’ve brought to the table is The Answer muzzle brake.

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Topics: Muzzle Brake, Bastard Port, Best Muzzle Brake, Recoil Reduction, 22 Nosler, 3 Gun Muzzle Brake

What is the best muzzle brake for the 300 PRC?

Posted by Daniel Miller on Oct 26, 2018 4:59:20 PM


 With the 300 PRC taking the hunting world by storm, the search is on for a muzzle brake that will zap the recoil right out of it. For years, when the shooting community has had maximum recoil reduction in mind, they have turned to the APA Fat Bastard and Little Bastard muzzle brakes.

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Topics: Bastard Port, Best Muzzle Brake, Recoil Reduction, 300 PRC

What is the Most Effective Muzzle Brake Design?

Posted by Daniel Miller on Oct 12, 2018 3:36:54 PM


With a wide variety of Muzzle Brakes to choose from, how does one choose from the gamut of availability? This article is not going to cover part quality or manufacturing processes. It is no secret that the vast majority of muzzle brakes on the market either are cast or MIM (mold injected metal) parts with some slick branding and huge profit margins, or they are an outsourced, machined part with not so exacting standards.  There are just a few companies that are machining in house muzzle brakes to spec but this is a story for a different day.  We will be discussing several the most popular design types and their features as well as how well they function.

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