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What is the best muzzle brake for the 300 PRC?

Posted by Daniel Miller on Oct 26, 2018 4:59:20 PM
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 With the 300 PRC taking the hunting world by storm, the search is on for a muzzle brake that will zap the recoil right out of it. For years, when the shooting community has had maximum recoil reduction in mind, they have turned to the APA Fat Bastard and Little Bastard muzzle brakes.


Designed for the 338 Lapua, Refined for the 300 PRC

 The APA Fat Bastard was originally designed to tame the popular 338 Lapua. It has since been scaled to better suit other specific calibers. Depending of muzzle diameter the Fat Bastard or Little Bastard 30 caliber is going to be the ideal recoil eliminating muzzle device for the 300 PRC that will end up feeling like a 243.


Key Features:

The Port Design

This style of port is similar to a Rear Angled Port; however, this design has an added key feature. This feature is an additional geometry near the brake bore that optimizes the “path of least resistance” effect.  The feature is often referred to as a tooth. This tooth directs the gas away from the forward gas stream, stopping the gas from being able to slip back into the stream.  The great efficiency of the tooth is not simply encompassed in its ability to move gas out of the way.  There is a second and possibly more relevant effect as a result of the tooth’s internal geometry. The gas collides into the corner or “nook” generated by the way it is machined. As a result of this, a Parachute Effect is created, pulling the gun forward, against the gun’s natural recoil.  Due to the design, the harder the muzzle brake is pushed, the more effective it becomes. This design can be found on American Precision Arms Fat Bastard, Little Bastard, Micro Bastard, CHODE, The Answer, XX Bastard and XXX Bastard as well as a wide variety of copycats. The APA muzzle brakes are the most popular muzzle brake in professional “long-range” competition. The APA brakes are also a popular fix for the hunter.

20 second install (no crush washers, no shims)

 The APA Gen 2 Lock Nut design was a great fit for the 300 PRC brake.  This is a two-piece system that allows the user to install the Answer in seconds. No crush washers, no shims. Simply screw the brake (with nut attached) on to the muzzle until it hits the shoulder, back the brake off to the desired timing (ports at 3:00 and 9:00 o’clock) and tighten the nut back down. That’s it, its just that simple. 


Competition Driven, Utilized by the Modern Hunter

The APA Bastard muzzle brakes are the most popular brakes in long-range competition for a reason. For the competitive shooter, it’s not enough to simply take the sting out of the recoil. We need the gun to sit completely still so that we can spot impacts. You can’t adjust what you can’t see. The Bastard brakes allow the shooter to spot their impacts. This translates into the hunting world as well. There are thousands of deer lost every season and this often times has to do with just that; not seeing impacts. Muzzle brakes are becoming very popular to the modern hunter because of this very reason.


The APA Fat and Little Bastards are the perfect 300 PRC problem-solvers.

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